January 2019 archive
brrr brrr
Boeing 747‑400 at about 10,000' above the ground, at just under 200 mph
From my back yard this morning.
GE uses this plane to test engines.
snarlat roughly 20,000'
Graphic from a (mediocre) article Firefox recommended this morning.Track of a plane in my area this morning.
Yes, I am easily amused.
Yay—a year with 19 in it. Enjoy it while it lasts.

I read a bunch of political blogs but for several reasons I don't generally list them on my blogroll. But starting today I'm linking to Yastreblyanksy's blog, one of my favorites. His blogroll lists a plethora of political blogs for those who want more.

A couple months ago, I mentioned that the Bank of England was looking to put a scientist's portrait on a redesigned £50 note and was soliciting suggestions. The bank says they got 227,299 nominations during the six‑week window for submitting names from which they've made a list of 991 people who meet their initial criteria (they are sufficiently real and dead and have contributed to science in the UK). The Banknote Character Advisory Committee will now consider the candidates' merits, with a final decision expected this summer.

I nominated Paul Dirac and he's on the list (no surprise).

227299 is prime, as is 991.

Happy new year, everyone.
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