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California is having a primary election next month. This person wants to represent my district. Screenshot excerpt (red quote marks mine): sigh
runway 10/28; click for larger version Shown to the right: a portion of a runway at an airport in the USA. Note the two small oblique rectangles near the upper right corner of the pic. Can you guess what they are? They are not there for any aeronautical purpose; they are not an aid to pilots nor do they provide a signal to instruments.

I saw this on another blog recently—I'll give credit after giving time for people to guess. If you aren't guessing (i.e., if you know the answer) please hold off from posting it in a comment.

Happy nineteenth, everyone.
dog & water & power.
before; click for after Two years and a day ago, I wrote about a couple cypress trees of mine whose tops had died off. I said
Who knows, they might have quite a few years left.
They've died. I felled one of them today.

I didn't cut it off close to the ground because it's thicker there and I only have a smallish electric chainsaw. No matter. My experience is that after about twenty years the trunk will have rotted enough just below grade that you can push it over.
Yucca brevifolia A Chinese proverb of unclear origin:


Roughly: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is now.

20 years ago my friend Sasha and I dug up a Joshua tree and planted it in my yard. I hadn't heard of that proverb and thus didn't know I was choosing what would, 20 years hence, be the best possible time.

The roots seemed really shallow. I planted it a little deeper than it was where I found it.

Some months later I was at a nursery looking for some other kind of tree, I don't recall which, and a guy working there told me it's a mistake to replant trees deeper because what had been exposed bark doesn't do well with dirt against it.

I asked, "Every kind of tree?"

He said, "Even the ones you've already planted."

So far the J‑tree seems to be unruffled by my faux pas.
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