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I've had this phone for almost four years, I keep it in a back pocket, occasional episodes of unintentional data entry occur but so far I've been lucky enough not to press Send.butt text
staff sergeant
First time I've had Air Force personnel visiting. They asked if they could look around my lot for parts of their drone that crashed last week.
a few miles west of my neighborhood
The site of yesterday's expensive drone crash
is still smoldering this morning.
black+white film with red filter
I'm mystified as to how the sign got bent.
It's not scraped up.
I don't follow professional sports much but occasionally a competitor comes to my attention who I really admire, not just for the quality of their play but for their character. If you asked me what player (of any game) I'd most enjoy meeting now, I'd name ______, who:
  • has an unassuming, gentle manner despite often being considered the best player of his sport ever
  • normally plays right handed but occasionally switches to left
  • exhibits composure, never throws tantrums when he screws up
  • is nicknamed "The Magician" for executing technically difficult plays.
If you follow his sport you know who I have in mind. It's a game I like playing but I can't say I follow the pros at it. I only recently felt like watching a few matches on YouTube and discovered who this guy was. He's not a household name because it's not a big spectator sport.
I'm growing a plant from seed I collected. Two seeds out of about twenty sprouted and of those two only one survived.

It's as if nature made the success rate low on purpose to endear to us each plant that does grow.
Caesalpinia pulcherrima