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Fred A discussion in a photography forum got me to thinking about what I like about black and white images (only some of which I can put into words).

Smooth gradation looks awesome in black and white, e.g. an area of sky fading from one gray level to another. Smooth gradation is of course also possible in color but there's something sublime about how it looks in black and white.

Black and white lets you take considerable liberties in altering contrast. When you darken skies with a red filter (or the digital post-processing equivalent), the resulting image is artificial but it doesn't look blatantly, annoyingly artificial.

Sometimes color is a distraction. Some compositions are about form and shape.

In any case, my interest in black and white is not about nostalgia. I don't aim to make pics that look like they were taken 100 years ago, nice though some 100 year old pics are. click for full bird
Roadrunner this morning.
Click on the pic for larger uncropped version.