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A few days after the cover of the New Yorker featured a drawing of (part of) Kim Jong-un's head, in which the artist "tried to capture the mystery—and the deep anxiety—of the moment", North Korea released this surreal-mysterious (undated) photo: click for larger version If the pic had a round table instead of a desk, it would look like a setup for a Colt 45 commercial (the brand ran some truly bizarre commercials on US television in the 1960s). Saturn has two little moons that are roughly in the same orbit, except one is a little closer to Saturn so it makes a revolution in slightly less time—but when it catches up to the slower moon and passes it, the two moons' mutual gravitational attraction transfers some energy between them. The moons continually switch positions: one is closer to Saturn for a while, then the other, ... .

The gravitational field of two moons doing this kind of dance puts spiral lumps into an area of Saturn's ring:NASA photo, taken by Cassini on June 4, 2017 Some music I liked when I was a kid doesn't impress me much anymore, and then there's some that I appreciate all the more as time goes on. Steely Dan is in the latter category—their music has a lot going on under the surface.

I like the early Steely Dan records the best. The later ones sold better and got awards.

I am saddened by Walter Becker's passing today but encouraged by Donald Fagen's tribute in which he affirms his intent to keep playing Steely Dan's music.

I like that Walter Becker's 1994 solo record has 12 tracks despite being named 11 Tracks of Whack and that it includes the song Lucky Henry which I think is an absolute gem.