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The problem is not just that a mob stormed the Capitol, it's that as many Republican voters approve as disapprove, according to a recent poll.

I am reminded of how, after Tr--p told a room full of police officers back in 2017 that they didn't need to treat detainees professionally, the crowd cheered.

The USA went to war against Iraq in 2003 with about half the country thinking Iraq was involved with the 9/11 attacks. Now a large part of the country thinks an election was stolen.

I've had other things to blog about over the past week but I felt I first had to say something about current events. There's enough going on to warrant posting about politics every day but for a bunch of reasons I'm largely leaving that to other people. Although I may not comment about every dismal bit of news, we are still well and truly fucked.
Robert Fripp, known for (among other things) playing guitar in King Crimson, hasn't been touring recently because, well, nobody is. He and his wife have been making the most of a tough time by (among other things) posting short covers of various popular rock and roll songs to YouTube.

Although Fripp has played to rock and roll audiences over the years, his music often did not hew to rock and roll conventions. He used scales and rhythms from jazz and twentieth century classical music.

He is well-read, articulate, and composed; one journalist called him the Mr. Spock of rock. The more familiar you are with him and his music, the more entertainment value there is in seeing him play Nirvana and Led Zeppelin songs at 74 years old, wearing a vest and tie, looking more like a banker than a rock musician.

He tunes his guitar to CGDAEG rather than EADGBE, so his chord voicings may vary from those in the original versions. He plays both the guitar and bass parts in the quieter verses of his cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Kurt Cobain cited King Crimson's 1974 album Red as a major influence.
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