February 2020 archive
The articles I've read about Betelgeuse getting dimmer all make a point of saying it's a huge longshot for it to go supernova any time soon. We'll see about that.
Like many a town in the western USA, Lone Pine has a mountain monogram. It just read LP when I moved here but high school students are now in the habit of adding the (low‑order digits of the) year. I took this pic yesterday while it still reads 19. I wasn't aware of the small pieces of graffiti on nearby rocks until I looked closely at this pic.

it reads 16 in the current aerial image at Google Maps

This hillside appears in a well-known Ansel Adams photo from 1944. Mr. Adams says that he expunged the LP:
The enterprising youth of the Lone Pine High School had climbed the rocky slopes of the Alabama Hills and whitewashed a huge white L P for the world to see. It is a hideous and insulting scar on one of the great vistas of our land, and shows in every photograph made of the area. I ruthlessly removed what I could of the L P from the negative (in the left-hand hill), and have always spotted out any remaining trace in the print. I have been criticized by some for doing this, but I am not enough of a purist to perpetuate the scar and thereby destroy — for me, at least — the extraordinary beauty and perfection of the scene.
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