March 2019 archive
Fred and Pan
photo by Kira Od
Yucca brevifolia
The escapement from the clock movement I replaced this week (this wasn't the part that wore out).

35 years of use corresponds to
about 700 million pendulum cycles.

I had to adjust the timekeeping after I moved from near sea level to 4500' elevation in 1997. The clock was losing about 2 minutes per week because gravity is a little weaker here.
My clothes dryer failed today. It made a gnarly sound for a few minutes and then seized up altogether.

I started taking it apart and hit a point where it wasn't obvious what to do next. A web search led me to a page that revealed the secrets and I got the dryer apart.

Enough parts are worn out that it looks like time for a new dryer. This one is about 35 years old, the same age as a mechanical clock I have that failed a couple weeks ago. (A new clock movement arrived today.)

Inside the dryer I found about a dollar in change and five pocket combs.
My Joshua tree didn't get any taller in 2018 and I wondered whether that was because it was saving up resources to flower in 2019. I hoped not, for reasons as described in a posting three years ago.

But so much for my hopes. The J-tree is flowering this year. Photos to follow at some point.
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