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position after 33. ... g2#Top level chess games seldom end in checkmate. Players usually resign once their position is hopeless.

Magnus Carlsen checkmated Peter Svidler today at a tournament in Germany. Commentators complimented Svidler on not resigning because the final position (shown here) had aesthetic appeal. I concur.
N744VG "Cosmic Girl"
Virgin Orbit's launch platform over my neighborhood at 35,000' today.
heterochromia iridum
Climbing partner.
Analogies involving socks:
  • The Axiom of Choice is necessary to select a set from an infinite number of pairs of socks, but not from an infinite number of pairs of shoes.

  • Quantum entanglement: when you have a pair of socks and you put one of them on your left foot, the other one becomes the "right sock" no matter where it is located in the universe.

  • If g and h are elements of a group, then (gh)-1 = h-1 g-1 .
    You take off socks and shoes in the opposite order that you put them on.
The first is from Bertrand Russell.
The second I came across on Tanya Khovanova's site (under Math Jokes; it's not a serious analogy for entanglement).
The third came from a web search for analogy with socks.
A father and two young sons were hiking in the rocks near were I was climbing today. One of the boys was exploring an area under some rocks which led to a discussion of possible hazards:

There could be giant snakes in here.
Maybe even a centipede. I hear they're dangerous.
Centipede. That was a video game from the 1900s.
I like roads that carry two opposite-direction routes. I am, of course, easily amused.

US 36 west and Colorado 119 east coëxist on a stretch of 28th Street in Boulder, Colorado. I think there used to be west/east signs there but I could be wrong (my recollection is from about 35 years ago). Who knows why west/east designations are absent now. Maybe someone deemed the incongruity too confusing or jarring.
119 is prime
A typewriter I used in the 1970s had two keys with interchangeable type elements.

The piece shown in the pic was part of a set of math symbols.
√ π
Time lapse video of my Joshua tree flowering:
Ammospermophilus leucurus
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