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Not knowing much about artificial intelligence doesn't stop people from writing about it. This has been the case as long as I can remember, i.e. not just now that AI is making impressive advances.

Most statements about what AI can never achieve are baseless assertions. They usually reveal more about their author's limited perspective they do about AI. Those who say AI will never think may well be following in the footsteps of those who said space travel was impossible.

AI does not yet think in the sense that a human does but these are very early days. Protozoa didn't think either.

Be wary of claims of the inherent superiority of man.

As to whether AI is potentially dangerous and whether it makes sense to anticipate how to control its use, I am not optimistic. There will be good-faith attempts to grapple with these issues but they will not constrain research worldwide. The technology has potential strategic and military applications that will make it irresistible. There will be an AI arms race. There is already a cyberwarfare arms race, conducted in secret with no public debate on its pros and cons. The USA and Israel still don't acknowledge their roles in developing Stuxnet and using it against Iran.
desert spiny lizard
Sceloporus magister quenching his/her thirst after sundown.
Lepus californicus
Sceloporus magister (juvenile)
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traffic on the way home today.
It's important not to lose your head while climbing.photo by Sroyon
Pinus longaeva
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