June 2019 archive
N842BA (and a B-2, serial number unknown) at about 25,000' MSL
Yesterday afternoon. KC-46 tankers like this one went into service this year and have been practicing in my area.
reflected (with diffraction) off an integrated circuit
Sunlight on the ceiling this morning.
Last summer I posted pics of a prototype Toyota Supra. Toyota has since announced the new Supra model and made it available to reviewers. Toyota claims the Supra has a lower center of gravity than the Toyota 86, which would be remarkable because the 86 has a flat‑four engine that sits close to the ground and the Supra has an inline‑six. Some reviewers parroted Toyota's claim as fact, i.e. without saying "according to Toyota".

Car and Driver magazine reported today that the Supra's CG is not lower than the 86's but rather 1.5" higher. I found it fun to guess what procedure they used to determine the CG location. (They didn't toss the car in the air and watch what point it rotated about.)

The name "86" refers to (among other things) the car's engine specs: bore and stroke are both 86mm.
cell phone pic, it was drizzling
Yesterday evening.
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