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although I had to go try it for myself.
So. A Russian 'tourist' is charged with trying to induce a Tesla employee to inject malware into the company's network in exchange for money.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk thanked all involved in apprehending the alleged culprit and tweeted, "This was a serious attack."

From the tail end of an Ars Technica article on the affair:
The plot and its cast of characters—replete with villains, heroes and whatever Musk is—make for an interesting backstory and possibly a dramatic TV reenactment.
villains, heroes, and whatever Musk is :  as perfect a phrase as I've read all week.
Lepus californicus
this afternoon.  click for larger version.
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Shorter weather forecast for Lone Pine:
I hope you like 100°F.

Over the 23 years I've lived here, typical summer highs at my house were in the low 90s. I'm used to seeing some 100+ temperatures but not on as many days as we've had this year.

The air is smoky from fires around the state.

Our county's cumulative death toll from Covid‑19 increased elevenfold over the last month, i.e. from one death to eleven.
For some reason YouTube closed captions has trouble with Welsh toponyms.
this evening
not a motor vehicle, so not afoul of California law about cell phone use while driving.

also, spurs.
A geometry problem I saw on the web.

Two line segments divide a triangle into four regions: three triangles with areas 3, 4, and 2 as labeled, and a quadrilateral. What is the area of the quadrilateral region?

This diagram is to scale. The diagram in the problem as I first saw it was pretty far off.

Diagram PDF in case you wanna print it.
The door between my garage and workshop wasn't hung correctly. If you left it partway open, gravity would open it farther. The hinges made scrunching noises, a sign that they didn't line up. I made adjustments years ago and improved things somewhat but couldn't get it to hold still partway open.

A couple days ago I noticed that the door was staying open partway. I think the earthquake in June fixed it.

A door in a neighbor's house used to rub against its jamb. Since the earthquake it doesn't rub anymore.
Sylvilagus audubonii
Horizon, sky, and silhouette of my house.
Some Republicans are jockeying for position in a post-Trump era. Dishonest revision of the history of how we got to this point has begun. Steve at No More Mister Nice Blog did a fine job yesterday of laying bare Peggy Noonan's attempt to hide from her past.
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