September 2020 archive
I've read about inordinate delays in mail delivery at some post offices around the USA this year but I was only seeing occasional small delays if any—until yesterday, when I got two postcards in the mail. One was an appointment reminder my dentist sent a couple weeks ago (it arrived the day after the appointment) and the other was a return receipt from a letter I'd sent by certified mail back in July.

I filed my federal income tax return in March this year and didn't get a refund until August. In previous years it never took more than about a month.
the bar code encodes "SV170233" Label on an actual product carton. Inadvertent error or deliberate parody? Found here.
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Fires continue to burn with a vengeance. I take what solace I can in that however grim the air is here today (and grim it is), it is not as bad as in some other spots.
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