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this morning
Last night I dreamt I was hanging out with David Bowie. I've had a bunch of dreams over the years in which I've spent time with great musicians, in each case with a rapport between us as if we were friends. They are among my favorite dreams because they tend to last a while, I remember them, and while they're in progress they feel so satisfying. I don't want to drop names and say which musicians have been my friends in dreams but they've all been rock musicians and all ones that I respect a lot.

Last night's dream with David Bowie was by far the most striking dream-featuring-a-rock-star I've ever had. The Bowie in my dream was the most amazing person you'd ever want to meet. He was graceful, gracious, friendly, animated, affectionate, and intelligent. He radiated good will. I've never seen anything like it, not in a dream nor in my waking life.

It amazes me that the brain can synthesize dreams of such detail.

I don't get why Bowie in particular appeared in my dream last night. I've never seen him in concert nor in a dream before this one. And although I respect him for a bunch of reasons, I only connect with a smallish portion of his work. But wherever this dream came from, it was a most welcome surprise. MHV, this afternoon
Attention passengers on White Airways flight 359:
We are now boarding rows 31 through 61.
Rows 31 through 61 only.
Warren Buffett was in the news today (for issuing the best response to Sunday's debate that I've seen) which led to me reading his Wikipedia entry, which included his 'avoid at all cost' practice, summarized as
Buffett advises people to first create a list of the top 25 accomplishments that they would like to complete over the next few years of their life, and to then pick the five most-important list items. Buffett stated that people need to "avoid at all cost" the initial, longer list, as it would hinder the achievement of the top five.
In my case, five is probably too many.