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I had unpleasant dreams a couple nights in a row and was getting annoyed by it. Before falling asleep last night I said to myself that this time I would instead dream I was having sex. (I did.) I've had OK results over the years getting dreams that I wanted. I suspect I'd have less success if I tried it more often.

Zero trick-or-treaters at my house for the 25th Halloween in a row. The night isn't over so one could still show up but I kinda doubt it.
Lepus californicus
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Of the various >60‑year‑old power tools I use, the jigsaw gives the impression that it's the closest to failing. The mechanism that converts rotary motion to reciprocating motion is inherently more prone to wear than tools whose power‑driven parts only rotate. I recently started running the jigsaw at a slower speed and it's not making the nasty noise it was making at the speed my dad had it set up with. Running it slower might allow me to get more use out of it—kind of like my body.
Calque is a loanword and loanword is a calque.
Park Service map (excerpt)Death Valley got more rain on August 5 than on any other day since they've been keeping records. A lot of roads were washed out; some are still impassible, others are just damaged. This being California, road condition is subject to being described as gnarly.
because there is no such thing as too many jackrabbit pics
Halloween signage
tweet, Oct 6, 2022GOP candidate says Google is censoring him:
From the HTML source at https://votefinchem.com (emphasis mine):
   <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow, max-image-preview:large" />
(explanation at grid.news)
it would be a diagonal lineBack in June, Yandex maps finessed the issue of where to draw the border between Ukraine and Russia by removing all borders from its maps. E.g., the excerpt here doesn't show the CA/NV border between Lone Pine and Beatty.
Lepus californicus
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