November 2019 archive
Sylvilagus audubonii
Bunny (and human) tracks in the snow.
photo by Russell Kokx
Sadie, Diego, and me.
my washing machine threaded a dish towel through a loop on a pair of pants.

On my word, I put the two into the machine separately.
magic washing machine
Uta stansburiana
I caught this handsome lizard in my house yesterday by throwing a T-shirt over him (or her). Most lizards run off right away when I take them outside and unfold the shirt but this one was calm enough to pose for pics first.
This morning I dreamt that a friend and I were visiting Richard Feynman. I said to my friend that as Feynman is by all accounts dead, what we were experiencing wasn't real. "It's very nice, though," I said.

It was the first dream I can remember in which I used a cell phone. With dreams being what they are, the phone didn't behave like my real‑life phone does.

Feynman asked me if I read Paragraph magazine. I said no (never heard of it). There is (was? their latest article is from February) a real‑life Paragraph, described thusly:
Paragraph Magazine is a creative home for curators, tastemakers, and deep thinkers.
the phrasing of which makes me want to run in the other direction.
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