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The omicron variant that's in the news comes after a mu variant. Nu follows mu in the Greek alphabet but the WHO skipped it because it would be confusing (sounds like 'new').

Xi is after nu in sequence but a coronavirus variant sharing the name of China's leader would be asking for trouble. The WHO skipped xi as well but finessed the explanation somewhat by saying they were avoiding causing offence as Xi is a common last name.

Omicron follows xi in the Greek alphabet.

(seen at Language Log)
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At the right time of day and right time of year, a narrow beam of sunlight comes through a gap in an awning at the correct angle to provide this lighting.
I like the single 8 inlay at the octave (or, as I first read it, ∞ ) instead of the usual dots at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, ... frets. Blake Dhima
For about a month, my county has had the highest COVID‑19 case rate in the state. A few weeks ago we supposedly had the second‑highest rate in the country. We're not often in the news and especially not for ranking high in something.

I've been moved by how well health care providers are serving my town. When I've gotten vaccine shots and a test, the process was efficient and the people helping me were in good spirits.
From conversation at a friend's house last night:

When I got a new roof on my house about 15 years ago, a metal roof, I asked three neighbors what color they'd like it to be. Out of about a dozen colors to choose from, they all picked the same color.
I would never ask my neighbors what color they wanted on part of my house.
I did reserve the option of overruling them.

It happened to be the color I wanted too.
Randsburg, California.
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preparing jackrabbits for careers Building facade, excerpted from Google Street View.

I've written before about curious artifacts at the boundaries of stitched‑together images in online map services. What kills me about this instance is how PREPARING is intact whereas stuff below it shows duplication. Yes, I am easily amused.
My left wrist, 11 years ago.
Callipepla californica
Tuesday's cloud
Cloud shadow yesterday.
It was so narrow and straight that
I at first thought it was a contrail
but it was probably a natural cloud.

We often get clouds that parallel the mountains
but I never saw a shadow like this before.

The pic links to a larger version.
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