December 2018 archive
I recently started participating in FlightAware's distributed aircraft tracking. I've installed a miniature computer (Raspberry Pi) with a USB radio receiver and an antenna on a rock in my back yard about 200 feet from my house. The hardware is inexpensive and doesn't take much power to operate. FlightAware provides the software; setup is easy.

Why participate? The benefit to the aviation community is better tracking of flights. The benefit to me is entertaining information. Two days ago, I tracked a U-2 wandering over my neighborhood ago at 60,000' that I otherwise wouldn't have known about. Yes, I have a geeky fascination with aviation.

Stats on my receiver's tracking here.
Details on my installation here.
but is he lead-free?
Screenshot from this morning saved for posterity.
Red underlining mine.
The WaPo has since fixed the typo.
Yes, I am easily amused.
Happy solstice, everyone.
Jupiter as photographed by Juno, October 29, 2018
click for another pic of this encounter
Ravens chasing away a red‑tailed hawk around noon today.
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