June 2020 archive
What my well water looks like after yesterday's earthquake rattled everything underground.

It should clear up in a few days. Maybe.
Another day, another earthquake. This one scared me a bit. 5.8 magnitude, centered about 11 miles from me. Nothing damaged at my house.

I got an earthquake alert on my cell phone—after the shaking had stopped.

Felt two aftershocks already.
I felt a magnitude 4.6 earthquake yesterday and two aftershocks. These were mild earthquakes but were centered only about 11 miles away.

When I was first looking to move to the Owens Valley, a real estate agent—evidently feeling obliged to offer full disclosure—warned me that the area was seismically active. I said I wouldn't feel like I was in California if there weren't earthquakes.
Sylvilagus audubonii
Young cottontail out and about after sundown.
I put a new computer together today. I was expecting to get an AMD processor because I had the sense they had overtaken Intel. To my surprise I settled on Intel after researching what's available now. AMD would be my choice if I did a lot of multithreaded stuff—but I don't.

Nine years ago I wrote about how Intel CPUs come with stickers that have licensing terms. The processor I got today came with a sticker and, yes, licensing terms:
... Intel reserves the right to tell you to stop using the logo label if the processor has been materially altered or if the system does not meet the quality and performance standards customary in the industry. Other license terms may apply.
Intel reserves the right to tell you to stop. I in turn reserve the right not to stop.

Other license terms may apply—not only do we expect you to be bound to a license you never agreed to, it may also have additional terms that we're not even going to describe.
Last night I dreamt that I saw my own face in mirror and discovered how much younger my dream self looks than my waking self. This explains why nowadays more people in my dreams want to have sex with me than in real life.
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